‘Marvin?’ Director to Helm Queer Dramedy Series ‘Everygay Life’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Rising Dutch helmer Anton van der Linden, whose show “Marvin?” just world premiered at SXSW, is set to direct “Everygay Life,” a high-concept queer comedy series. Amsterdam-based production banner Explorers of the Unfound is developing the show.

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The Amsterdam-based production company — founded by partners George Anthony Gottl and Anton van der Linden — is heading to SXSW with the pilot to its debut show ‘Marvin?’.

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Even though I am not a stoner, I very much dig a stoner comedy — especially a gay one that offers little life lessons and takes place in my fav country.

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The hot cast of ‘Marvin?’ (Sven Ironside, Cameron Tharma & Sarah Rose)  featured in People Magazine.

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Squatting in Amsterdam two friends, Dave and Sam, struggle with success, their queerness and substance addictions, until Marvin, a magic dream manifesting fridge shows up and gives them everything they want, but soon learn that their shiny materialistic world is not what they expected.